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Is no one better to lead this charge than Coach Storey, said Nate Zavorek, athletic director at VASJ. Storey was there to put St. Joseph on the map, and he is prepared to be the one to take the Vikings to the next level. He has always selflessly dedicated his time and energy to this school and the students that walk its hallways, and this new initiative is no different. He will assist in the monitoring of student athlete academics and coordinate team events.

The one person who didn’t see her as an object objectified her, selfishly and violently. A lot of people have been killed in Westeros, but this was an attempt to kill someone’s soul, and it may well have worked. Rape is a crime of power, and Jaime did everything he could to reinforce Cersei’s sense of powerlessness and isolation.

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5 NFL Draft prospects who are perfect for the New England Patriots

If you were paying close attention during the first round of the NFL Draft (and even if you weren you might noticed something interesting: There were only 31 picks. That because the Patriots lost their first round pick as part of their “Deflategate” punishment.

But while Bill Belichick and Co. were quiet on Day 1, they should make big noise on Day 2, with four total picks in the second and third rounds. Considering how much Belichick likes to wheel and deal, it could be even more wholesale nfl jerseys by the end of the day.

For starters, virtually every NFL Draft expert (including Fox Sports Joel Klatt) believes that Jack is the best player available left in the draft. Can you really go wrong taking a Top 5 talent, if he falls to the second round? The answer is “no” when the prospect as good as Jack.

Not to mention that if Jack came to New England, he would give Belichick the type of versatile linebacker the Patriots coach covets. He is equally adept at filling holes against the run, while also dropping back in coverage against the pass. The fact that he once won Pac 12 Offensive Rookie of the Year shows just how wholesale soccer jerseys versatile he can be.

Plus, unlike fellow injury risk Jaylon Smith, Jack can play next year, and for those worried about his long term health, well, is anyone better at knowing exactly when it time to let a player go than Belichick is?

The answer is no, which is why assuming he available, this is a no brainer.

Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

LeGarrette Blount recently signed a one year deal to remain in New England, but at 29 years old he certainly not a long term option at running back. Dion Lewis probably isn either, after suffering an ACL injury last season.

So if New England does need a running back, why not go with the Heisman Trophy winner, and single biggest “name” at the position remaining in the draft?

No, Henry doesn have elite speed, but he could serve as a Blount type workhorse who has the ability to move the chains, and take some of the offensive load off of Tom Brady.

Considering that Brady got absolutely pummeled in the AFC title game against Denver, you think he would have liked to have a back like Henry to carry the ball a couple times to loosen up the defense?

A Robinson, DT, Alabama

In addition to Henry, his former Alabama teammate A Robinson could be a guy to consider as well.

Simply put, Robinson is a space eater on the defensive line, the kind of guy who can take on two or three blockers, and free up linebackers (like cough Myles Jack cough) to make plays in the hole. Robinson also has insane athleticism for a guy his size. Just see the Vine below.

The Patriots let Vince Wilfork leave town last year to head to Houston.

This guy could turn into Vince Wilfork 2.0.

Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State

Through the years Belichick has grown quite fond of selecting players formerly coached by Urban Meyer, with some working out more successfully (Brandon Spikes) than others (Aaron Hernandez).

Well, Thomas is a Meyer coached wide receiver, and one that Patriots fans (not to mention Belichick and Tom Brady) would absolutely love. On the field he is a smart, fundamentally sound wide receiver, who not only runs crisp routes, but also always seems to end up wide open when a play breaks down.

Plus Thomas, the nephew of Keyshawn Johnson, is the kind of overlooked guy that the Patriots have built their dynasty on.

Heck, he still upset that USC didn offer him a scholarship several years ago.

Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana

The Patriots offensive line was decimated by injuries last season, to the point that again, they could barely keep Brady upright in the AFC Championship Game against Denver (then again, few teams could against that Denver defensive line).