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Affordable Fashion

Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money. There are plenty of people with money who don’t know anything about fashion and there are plenty of people without money who know a lot about fashion. There are very easy ways to make a fashion statement while spending just a little bit of cash.

When you are shopping, buying clothes that give you the right fit for your body type while also being stylish are important. Having an affordability component is also key. You don’t need to go to high-end retailers to look for examples of the latest styles, searching online through sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and fashion websites will show you various ideas for fashion.

There are also online sites that can show you the difference between name brand fashion and no-name fashion. By giving you examples as to how you can shop for the most popular fashion items but pay half the cost, you are at an advantage. Many magazines also show pictures of the latest trends while also advising you on where to buy them and how much they cost. This can help you decide on what you really need to complete your outfit versus what you can find at a local retailer. There is also the option of visiting thrift stores. If you’re visiting with your boyfriend, he can bring along his laptop to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on PC, so he doesn’t get bored!

While some thrift stores have a stigma associated with them, i.e., poor, dirty, stinky, there are many reasons why you should still shop at them. For example, you can find some hidden deals in the purse and wallet section. I recently bought a black genuine leather wallet by The Sak and only paid 75 cents for it! It pays to take your time and look through the clothing as well.

Some thrift stores have a designated rack for used clothing they receive that is brand name. They put these items on the “designer clothes” rack. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are actually “designer” clothes. It is a thrift store after all. I’ve seen clothes on this rack go up to almost 20 dollars for brand names like Old Navy. It’s a thrift store, they really don’t know much about what designer clothes are, so keep that in mind as you shop. However, you can also find high-end names in the bargain racks because many of the workers at the thrift shops do not know the big brand names and so they place them in the cheaper section of the thrift store. I’ve paid 3 dollars on numerous occasions for I.N.C. shirts that normally cost 50 dollars or more in department stores.

If going to thrift stores just isn’t your “thing”, then shopping at your local retailer will still have affordable fashion. Make sure you bring a list or pictures as examples as to what kind of style you are looking for. This way, if you see a scarf in the dollar bin, that is red, but your picture shows a black scarf, you know you can still get by with setting a fashion statement and saving some big money. Local retailers give you the opportunity to ask for further discounts, especially if there is a thread coming loose or some other issue with the fabric that you can repair at home. There is always the option of getting more discounts than what is listed on the price tag at your local retailer store.

Borrowing or trading clothes with a friend is another way to save money while being fashionable. Perhaps you could go shopping with your friend and you both decided on a budget together and buy your clothes together. Even if you go for the brand name clothing, at least you will have a nice wardrobe to switch out when choosing to share. The only downside to this is if you spill something on the clothes and it stains, it could cause an argument while also ruining the name brand clothing.

It is simple to be fashionable without spending a lot of money when you have options. By getting ideas online or from magazines, you can implement your fashion creativity cheaply by looking for bargains or sharing with friends. Remembering that part of the fun is getting the look that you want for less, makes the meaning behind your fashion statement all the more personal.