Celebrity Hairstyles – Beyoncé Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles is a well-known celebrity that is amazing at singing, acting, and a songwriter. Many individuals love the way she styles her hair for hitting the red carpet. If you are wanting a great hairstyle the way Beyoncé Knowles wears it for the red carpet, you will need to follow the next few steps.

You will need a hair comb, a few metal hair clips, mild hairspray, shine serum, a paste, one-inch curling iron, and a three quarter inch curling iron. Be sure to careful while using the curling iron. They are very hot and you want to protect your skin from being burned. You also want to ensure that you are not spraying hairspray directly in your face.

In order to get a Beyoncé Knowles look, you will need to go through and section your hair in three sections. First, section the hair down the middle, being a little off centered. You will need to go from the top of the ear and straight across going toward the middle that you split, to make a section. You will do this to both sides of the hair. The last section will be the remaining hair near the bottom.

Starting at the nape of the neck, you will need to make subsections. They will be around one half of an inch each. Pin the remaining hair up while you work on the subsections. You will only work on one subsection at a time. Then you will need to take around one inch of hair, from the subsection and pin the rest away. This will give you an even look to curl the hair in proper sections.

Now that the hair is sectioned off and the first piece is ready, it is time to prep the hair for curling. You will need to take a mild, but firm hairspray and spray the section you are working on. Be sure to use your comb and comb the product through the hair. Take your three quarter inch curling iron, and wrap the hair around the curling iron. The best way to get it to curl perfectly is to work the curling iron down and keep wrapping it back up. You want to hold the tail of the curl until your iron works down to it. Once you have worked it down to the tail of the curl, it’s time to release the hair. It will give you a very tight spiral. You don’t want to have too tight a curl or you’ll look like a creature from Swamp Attack!

You will need to follow that step through the rest of the section. The reason why you are starting your curling iron at the top of the hair and working down is to ensure the curl is tight all the way through. If you start at the bottom of the hair and work up, it will only be tight at the bottom of the hair, instead of the entire length.

Each subsection, you are going to want to curl it in opposite directions. This is going to give the hair a different look and keep it full. You will need to do this curling technique for your entire head, except for the top of the head. The top of the head is done slightly different. You will need to pull your hair up and spray it with hairspray, like before. Then you will comb the product through and pull the hair up together. Next, you will wrap all of the hair through the curling iron and wait a few seconds before releasing. You will need to pull the hair off the curling iron and just lay it down.

For the bangs, you are going to want to use your one-inch curling iron. You are going to want to lightly graze the hair instead of a hard curl. You can break the bangs up into sections to give it more lift and movement in the hair. Then you are going to use your cream or paste. Be sure to work it well in your hands before putting in the hair. You’re going to want to take each curl and work the product down the curl. Try to get each one. You can finish the hair with your shine product and run hands through hair to get more volume, for a great Beyoncé Knowles look!